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Citizens, Science and Policy for Sustainability and Well being

About us

Amaranthus is a newly founded social enterprise, founded in Athens, Greece, by a diverse group of multidisciplinary researchers in order to promote innovation, sustainability, citizen engagement and human well being through European research projects and multinational collaboration.

Our strength is creating out-of-the-box solutions by combining different disciplines. We try to connect the dots and use a systems thinking approach for disruptive and game-changing socioecological innovations that are fit for the future. We seek to change the research ecosystem from the traditional top down methodology to an inclusive bottom up approach. We bring science to the people. Our motto includes research, development and education of social innovation and modelling solutions.

Our Vision

We envision an all inclusive society where everyone gets a say.

We aspire to collaborate with local players to bring sustainable and green practices to everyone.

We dream to transform the world with regenerative practices, inclusive models and socially equitable policies.

We strive to enhance the human-nature relationship and valorize local knowledge and cultural heritage.


Amaranthus is proud to announce our first EU Horizon Europe research project as a partner, MItigating TRansport-related Air Pollution in Europe (MI-TRAP)!  MI-TRAP has just begun its 4 year journey, stay tuned for regular updates and showcases as the project progresses and develops.

For more information, check out our press release.


Our founding members are experienced in European and national projects, including Horizon 2020, Erasmus + and PRIMA projects, both as work package leaders and as coordinators. We have collaborated with over a 100 European partners, including industry, academia, public entities and NGOs. Some of our most notable current projects of our members include:

Our Team

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